To help empower people to bring about positive change, healing and freedom on all levels – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual.


To create a community empowered with the tools and strategies to navigate challenges, and live life in freedom.


Service to others, Passion, Commitment, Integrity, Trust, Balance, Respect


About Me

In 1993 I left Perth, Australia to live in Osaka Japan, and teach English to students. What I didn’t realise back then, was that it defined the beginning of my journey to discovering more about myself; it was the gateway to learning different modalities to open consciousness, and to overcome the anxiety I’d experienced since childhood.

I accumulated so many ‘tools in the toolbox’ after years of searching.

In Japan, I sat with Zen monks who gave me simple meditations like sitting in front of a white wall and watching my out-breath. The practices were so bland that I would occasionally fall asleep and hit my head on the wall!

I travelled throughout India. I studied yoga, meditation and pranayamas in ashrams. I visited the real yogis in caves in the Himalayas, watching them go about their daily routines and I tried to emulate them.

I sat at the feet of many wise beings and listened to their teachings of wisdom, and I found my beautiful teacher and guru in 1996.

I would chant mantras for hours, participate in pujas and ceremonies all to honour that underlying wise, untouchable, peaceful and ineffable ‘something’ that might break through my consciousness one day, and I’d be at peace…Glimpses – there have been many. 

Though the many modalities I studied related to mind, body and consciousness – yoga and meditation were my go-to practices. Despite all these tools I had at my disposal, I still experienced anxiety.

The mashings of the mind were loud all the while and I often felt harangued with thoughts. Waking up each morning with anxiety and not knowing why. Feeling low with depressive thoughts, and yet so much to be grateful for. It wasn’t until I discovered hypnosis that I began to release the deep-seated patterns, and to uncover my true potential.


My Journey to


Dr Brian Weiss was my first introduction to hypnosis. I read his book Many Lives, Many Masters and then discovered his self hypnosis videos. I was so enamoured by how different I felt by using his guided hypnosis techniques, that I went on to explore it and eventually became a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists of America. 

Hypnosis is a state of the mind and body that holds great potential for healing. Each of us utilizes various depths of hypnosis daily when we daydream, meditate, relax before we fall asleep or when we wake up just prior to becoming fully alert.  We do it easily and without thinking about the process.  

In Hypnotherapy, methods are used to retrieve and reprogram information and experiences at a subconscious level while a person is in hypnosis. It is very efficient because it allows the conscious mind to relax while accessing the subconscious mind with its suppressed memories and unresolved negative emotions.  

In my practice I use the method Simpson Protocol which allows a person to go very deep into hypnosis and access the deep seated root causes of issues without stress or trauma.

Through hypnosis I have been constantly peeling back the layers of the onion of my mind and discovering more unresolved aspects – mainly the fears and anxieties that had paralysed me over my lifetime. The paralysis has given way to freedom and confidence, to deep trust in myself and empowerment, and revolutionised the way I think and behave.

I have wanted to share this beautiful tool with others and support them on their own journey to experience the freedoms of the mind and body as I have.

Learn how you can overcome the limitations of the mind and achieve your true freedom mind, body and soul.