Clients Feedback

I want to thank you immensely for the way your hypnosis sessions have helped me. I heard about you via FB and did a little reading on hypnosis…but had a small amount of knowledge. I was excited and went in with a totally open mind. I needed and wanted change.

Your sessions were fantastic – I did two consecutive then a third several weeks later. I found results immediately – some very subtle, some quite prominent. Sometimes daily I notice little positive changes.  I feel lighter, less stressed, so much calmer and in control. I have definitely noticed behavioural change as well, most certainly for the better. In turn what these changes have done, has given me my confidence back; more positive in my thinking; clarity in decision making and my reactions to unpleasant or challenging situations are less aggressive and attacking. I will most certainly return for maintenance sessions on a regular basis.  I highly recommend yourself and the method you use. I listen to your support audios daily, sometimes twice daily to go to sleep – just brilliant. 


Leonie Wilkinson

I recommend Angela Freychet for hypnosis. Angela has a wonderful approach that is empowering and it works. I took her up on her offer of a special to experience the Simpson protocol that I had heard about. I decided on some changes that I needed help with and can say that it really works. Angela has a genuineness and care that is unmatched. This and her extensive experience makes for a healthy and successful desired outcome. I like the lasting results.


I would thoroughly recommend a session with Angela. I had an amazing experience and can’t wait to go again. I was able to let go of a lot of negativity and process many issues I was holding onto, that I no longer feel any pain when I recall. I look forward to going back again. I felt safe and completely comfortable in my session with Angela. 

Jessica Lindsay

I have now had several SP-hypnosis sessions with Angela via Skype (as I live in France), and it has been an absolutely fantastic journey. Angela has been guiding me through my super-conscious mind, corrected, mended and liberated so many pieces on so many levels, that I feel completely restored now. On the top of this, we did not even have to talk about what the problem was.
Angela is a wonderful person. Warm, kind, empathetic, compassionate and much more.
I can highly recommend Skype sessions with Angela to everyone who really wants to make changes in their live.
Thanks for everything Angela

Mary Pages Schroeder

I sought out hypnotherapy after a google search on ways to help depression. Angela immediately put me at ease with her gentle and affirming personality. I felt completely safe and supported through each session. If you are considering this modality, I would highly recommend booking with Angela. You will reap the benefits of her guidance for months to come. Thank you Angela for assisting me along in my healing journey.


Angela is a very warm and welcoming person, who immediately puts you at ease. The hypnotherapy process was not confrontational at all and I found it worked for me and I felt a separation between my conscious and sub-conscious. I felt very relaxed at the end. I will be going back fro more sessions as I found it very helpful.

Catherine Anderson

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